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Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults

Young Adults (18-24) w/ ADHD Needed for Paid Online Research - Se

ICG is an independent healthcare research firm looking to communicate and interact with young adults ages 18 - 24, who have been diagnosed with ADHD to gain their very important and very unique perspective on a variety of topics. This forum will provide you with an online support system where you can share your experiences as a someone with ADHD and connect with other young adults from across the United States to learn from their experiences and to increase awareness about this very prevalent condition.
We want to know what your experiences are like, what your challenges have been, and most importantly, more about you as a person—with and without ADHD. For 6 months, you and a select group of other young adults will be a part of an exciting online community where you will talk about your life, connect with others in the community, and inspire new ways of talking and thinking about ADHD. You’ll be providing feedback on materials and ideas that will go directly to decision-makers in the healthcare industry which in turn could be used to help other people with ADHD manage their condition!
In addition to making an impact on this important issue, participants will receive $20 for their engagement on a monthly basis and have a chance to win an iPad multiple times throughout the year by contributing to this discussion board on a weekly basis.
If this sounds like something you’re eager to learn more about, please follow the link below to determine if you qualify and are eligible to participate in this exciting digital experience, designed to learn more about what’s important to you.
We will be following up with qualified participants in the coming weeks—we can’t wait to learn more about you!
- See more at:


Can you be from Canada or is this only open to people in the US?


Posted by Jodtam on Oct 31, 2013 at 7:40pm

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