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any opinions about the “scientific father of ADHD”

I saw this article on Facebook today and “SAW A BIG SQUIRREL!” What are my fellow ADULT’s with ADHD views on this…...


Fortunately, the Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics (NEK, President: Otfried Höffe) critically commented on the use of the ADHD drug Ritalin in its opinion of 22 November 2011 titled Human enhancement by means of pharmacological agents: The consumption of pharmacological agents altered the child’s behavior without any contribution on his or her part.

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Please read.

Posted by MarkOden on Dec 09, 2013 at 9:49pm

I was born in 1960 and I have known my whole life that I was different. I was not diagnosed with add until I was 42 and I have never taken Ritalin.
This is just another hoax. There has always been, still is, and the world will always be full of liars. For heavens sakes there are still millions of people who believe in evolution.

Posted by Rancher John on Dec 09, 2013 at 11:33pm

Ive also been different all my life.  I do believe some of this story, its Big Pharma pushing its medications for profit.  Never in a million years should anyone under 25 or should I say those who are still growing. Im only talking about adhd medications not the ones used for Autism, bi-polar, anxiety ect.  Im talking about medications for adhd. We live in the age of don’t dissaplin your children and never ever so no to them, give them a pill and they’ll sit in the corner quietly enough to get good grades that is until the meds no longer work and they get violent and abusive (not all of course) and become addictive and went through every drug for adhd, and probable anxiety meds by that point and last but not least will be the depressive medications.

Big Pharma is about making money, many will disagree (I used to disagree too) but maybe just one will listen and start investigating like I did. I guarantee you if you put yourself or your child on a vegan or vegetarian diet for one month you’ll see a complete turn around, also you must go gluten free, and no drugs.  Someday you’ll wish had to listen to this article and hopefully your not to late, addiction is an awful place to be.

Posted by BexIssues on Dec 10, 2013 at 5:20am


I found your statement, “...give them a pill and they’ll sit in the corner quietly enough to get good grades that is until the meds no longer work and they get violent and abusive…,” very offensive. I’m sure many other parent members here will feel the same way.

Most parents of ADHD children don’t treat their child’s ADHD with medication to have them “sit in the corner quietly.” On the contrary, parents don’t want the medication to change the essence of their child. ADHD medication is meant to sharpen attention and focus and slow the brain down a bit to allow learning and better decision-making. If it is prescribed and administered correctly, that is what it does.

Many with ADHD need medication (combined with other treatments like therapy) to lead a successful and happy life. The medication is treating a medical, physiological condition. Studies have shown it does not lead to addiction as reported in several articles on and many other sources.

Further, diet changes don’t help to alleviate ADHD symptoms for everyone. Diet changes only lead to some alleviation of symptoms when they were part of the cause of the symptoms or their severity in the first place. My son was gluten-free for 2 years and it did not make one difference in his ADHD symptoms. He also ate dairy-free for a while as well with no discernible behavioral changes. We drastically limit artificial colors and preservatives but those are the only food items that make a difference. I know many, many with ADHD with a similar experience.

Yes, pharmaceutical companies are in it for the money, as is every other for-profit company in America. If there weren’t a need for these medications though, there wouldn’t be money for research to create them nor demand for them.

Please try to be mindful of the vast array of individuals this site serves and respectful of the individual treatment decisions each person must face. Share your opinions, but note that they are your beliefs.

ADDconnect Moderator & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Dec 10, 2013 at 7:12pm

I agree with BexIssues in that we, as a society, have learned that it is more cost-efficient and productive to push mood altering drugs on children than to put forth the effort to change the toxic environment that exacerbates the symptoms in the first place.

I know that changing a consumer-driven, quick-fix society is not easy, but are not our children our most precious resource?

I know that those who share this point of view are in the minority but I have faith that most changes start small.  I try to contribute by not participating in the corporate job world anymore.  I dropped out and decided to live as simple a life as possible.  I started a small Martial Arts school because it allows me to use my strengths and not my weaknesses.  Also, because I am passionate about it and it fills me spiritually. 

Although I do not make too much money with this, I am happy.  Go figure!

Posted by mmori on Dec 11, 2013 at 10:41am

If my child was not on meds, my child would probably still be missing lunch because of failing to notice the class has left the room; would still miss the bus stop and end up back at the bus garage for failing to notice what is going on out the window.  Meds have allowed my child to come OUT of the corner and participate in discussions with others - able to focus on social cues. Finally, my child is able to relate events that happened during the day because they are no longer a blur.

I think BexIssues is making huge leaps from being someone who benefits from a med that helps neurotransmitters make connections to being an anxious drug addicted violent abusive depressive. I certainly hope this is not true and would like to see some medical studies or statistical analysis on this to back up those claims.

I don’t take giving my child or myself medication lightly, and when I give them (or take them), it’s certainly not to have him sit in a corner and churn out grades. Without meds, this child has said things like “I can’t do those activities - they aren’t for me” because of inability to follow what is going on and being teased and bullied. With meds, this child has started considering joining clubs. This child no longer stands alone 10 yards from peers.

Posted by Juggler on Dec 29, 2013 at 11:21am

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