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Ive read one of the “Gifts” of ADHD is
Personal intuition. I have felt over the years to presant that I see / feel deeper than most .....almost a sixth sense…..I remember comments made over the years the people saying “WOW Joan that’s deep…...does anyone suppose that this “Gift” of personal intuition can also be called clairvoyant? ......


I don’t know about clairvoyance. I look at it this way: people who have filters working at about the save level as most of the people around them screen out input that “distracts” from going about “normal” every day life and they don’t process those “extra” inputs. Those details don’t register in their brains. Those who don’t have those same filters actually process bits of input that aren’t related to the task at hand. Maybe other people are just trying to check out at the register and they are focusing on what’s on the screen- is it ringing up right, and “where is my credit card?”. We, on the other hand, might be noticing a smell coming in the door of the store that precedes a rainstorm, or the flash of a scowl on a person who checked out at another register who is passing in front of our line on the way out and later, they snap at their kid in the parking lot. I was trained for a job years ago to evaluate eye movements. I can still recognize variations in eye contact duration and know with fairly high certainty whether someone is a cocaine user. I also learned that when people are trying to answer questions, their eyes tend to look in certain directions when they are trying to remember something that really happened to them (as they “look” in their brain at the pictures they made in their mind during the event) and different directions when they are lying as they search for a good lie. I had to learn to stop paying attention to only what someone was saying and allow all the visual and audio cues to register. As I have ADD, I may have always noticed these clues, but had to be trained to know what they meant. People with ADD do probably notice these subtleties and come out “ahead” on predictions against people who have a narrow attention range.

Posted by Juggler on Jul 12, 2014 at 6:54pm

clairvoyance is something else you must see visual clips of current or upcomming incidents, I know it coz my sister has this ability,

I do get signs through dreams but only when something very very bad is going to happen with me
and sometime not often but if I concentrate a lot I get answers of my question in dream but it happened only couple of times in my whole life….

well I don’t think all these ESP gifts have anything to do with ADHD, For me ADHD means that you are missing a very crucial part of your brain which is compulsory to live among normal brainers .....

Posted by Bobby_pk on Jul 13, 2014 at 3:31pm

I am psychic and I have ADHD and mood disorder.  We are very observant, intuitive people. That is one of our gifts. My depression helps me to see situations clearly and my intuitive gifts help me to help others.  I am a therapist and my gifts help me to tune into what is going on with others so that I can help them best. I have been told I am a medium as well, but I keep that under wraps at this time. My psychic abilities make me nervous when I am not right at times, despite all the times I am right. So….you are not alone….

Posted by amaxfield on Jul 15, 2014 at 5:39pm

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