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ADHD Nutrition and Weight Loss/Gain

diet and trigger foods

Hi. My son is a little over two and is showing early signs of possible adhd and will be monitored for that. I know everyone says it’s too early to tell, but I can’t just sit by ad do nothing to help him in the meantime.  I decided to try a bit of the feingold diet to see if we can observe any possible trigger foods/additives.

My question is how long did it take to notice a change after starting the diet?

How long does it take to see the affects of a trigger food after eating it?

He had some strawberry yogurt for breakfast… it was a bad morning :(


Hello, I am a high school senior at Southmoore High School conducting a study to see if there is any correlation between organic and artificial food dyes with hyperactivity (ADHD). If you are a parent who has a child with ADHD, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take this survey to help me with my science project. It is an anonymous survey and all results will only be used for this project. Thank you for your time! Click this link to take the survey:

Posted by StudentresearcherforADHD on Nov 07, 2013 at 6:41am

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