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ADHD in Maryland

getting a diagnosis

I am a special education teacher and have taught many children with ADHD. I recognized, years ago, that I have ADHD, although I’ve never been formally diagnosed. Children can be diagnosis by their pediatricians (or a licensed psychologist) but does anyone know if an adult can be diagnosed by their general practitioner? If so, any recommendations of where or who to go to in the Montgomery County area? Thanks.


I’m sure your general practitioner can diagnose you or confirm your own diagnosis.  You will need to print out and fill out the check-off list provided by ADDitute Magazine, though, and show your answers to the doctor.  Or the doctor will sit and ask you questions from a “textbook.”  I was talking to my therapist with it popped up in conversation, and he immediately pulled out book and started asking me questions.  They say, however, that you must have the ADD or ADHD while you were a child.  Well, I was an Honor Roll student and graduated 8th out of 200 students.  That doesn’t sound like someone with ADHD.  However, when I was a child, I was nicknamed “Chatter Box.”  I got put into a closet storage room when I was too disruptive.  I also seem to remember being put in a corner and wearing a dunce cap in 2nd grade.  So, yes, your doctor should be able to.  However, your doctor may want your medication to come through a mental health clinic.  I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU NOW….  Have you ever had any experience with a undiagnosed-dyslexic child who also has ADHD.  Or a child being incorrectly diagnosed as having dyslexia & ADHD but to find out later that it’s just the child’s ADHD and only having a reading problem because of the focusing problem?

Posted by BrendaV2262 on Mar 20, 2015 at 1:31pm

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