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ADHD at School

help with upcoming meeting

My son completed a conners attention deficit scale and the results are this and I was wondering if someone can help me our iep meeting is Thursday.

it states t-scores above 70 represent and area of clinically significant concern

inattention: 74(clinically concerned)
hyperactivity/impulsivity 52
learning problems 75 (clinically concerned)

Several of teachers conners scale
inattention 57,57,76,67,67 (varied level of concern ranging from no concern to clinically significant concern)
hyperactivity/impulsivity 44 no concern
learning problems/executive functioning 51,57,53,65,72 (varied levels of conern
defiance/aggression no concern
peer relations no concern

I am confused, concerned about meeting on Thursday and would like to make sure I understand and if someone can give me pointers


You can always delay the meeting until you’re more prepared and understand these ratings a little bit better. If you have outside counselor, consider sharing these numbers and coming up with a plan before you go into the meeting, or have the counselor go to the IEP meeting with you.

I cannot help with the Conners scale, itself, though.

Good luck!

Posted by K44 on Feb 25, 2014 at 7:39am

There is so much to know.  You need to get a child advocate to help you.  Check with Wright’s Law Yellow Pages.  You need someone to help you with a 504 plan.

Posted by Bensonadvocates on Feb 26, 2014 at 3:03am

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