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Parents of ADHD Children

hey there

has anyone ever tried the native remedies bright spark?...its a homeopathic remedy to calm kids and help them focus when they have add or adhd, and can also be used with medications….I just wanted to know if anyone has tried these for their kids and what they thought of it?...I have tried it and it seems to do a somewhat of a calm for my 8 year old, but not a complete turn around, although it is a natural non stimulant homeopathic resort instead of prescribed medications.  I tried these on my son who was diagnosed with adhd and many more issues, and didn’t seem to work for him at all, so we had to resort to medication for him, and he is a better person now for that.


Good for you for trying, but don’t let others judge you for medicating your son.  As parents, we make lots of difficult decisions.

My 8 year old is much happier and in control of himself with medication.

Everyone is different, and ADHD is different for everyone.  Good luck!

Posted by Pdxlaura on Nov 02, 2013 at 11:37pm

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