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ADHD in Women

how deal with depression

how deal with everyday depression that comes
with adhd not be able to remember important
details being unable to focus long enough to
write a decent sentence.


I deal with alot of depression also. I make so many mistakes and people at work mumble behind my back or I Am just down right embarrassed. i find myself crying at work for breif periods then I bring it home. If anything else happens it is almost too much for me to deal with and I have a melt down. Ex: my grdaughter has been in the hospital seriously ill after a serious surgery. Between worry, not enough sleep and making a major mistake at work last week Thursday was a really bad day for me.

I am on an antidepressant but i frequently forget to take my meds often. This has always been an issue for me but it is worse now as my husband and I are separated and i am living between his place and mine as we are “working on it.” The only other thing that gets me through is my faith but I have to have a visual reminder as my forgetfulness even effects my efforts to remember to look above.

Posted by Nursedeb on Feb 09, 2014 at 11:32pm

I know what you mean; sometimes the harder I try it makes it worse!  I am stuck in a job with a lot of nit-picky details to grab onto and it is almost impossible for me to do it. How I wish I could get another type of job—I am looking, but every job has routines, rules, procedures, etc that must be followed.

Posted by barbhalfmann on Feb 10, 2014 at 3:22am

Remembering your meds can be a simple matter of setting alarms on your phone to prompt you to do things.  I have mine set and I keep the meds with me so I can take them. 

Use sticky notes in the places that you are in every day.  Breakfast table?  Put a sticky note there to take your morning meds.

Write a note to yourself on your desk calendar at work.

Add a sticky note to your kitchen cabinet to take meds in the evening, if that Is how you take them.

Some of us tend to say “can’t” when we really mean we don’t want to.  No one can possibly remember every single thing that they should do.  That is why we write notes, lists, set alarms and such.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Feb 10, 2014 at 4:32am


I get depressed too. And enraged. & meltdowns. I can’t do anything right so I get lots of negative feedback from my husband. I have nightmares when I finally sleep. I have tried @ least 4 diff. ADHD Rxs & my psych dr wants to try me on vyvanse my insurance company has only the records that show adderall, so I see the dr Tuesday to petition the insurance to ok it.i take Wellbutrin XR but I’ve lost the bottle & have so far missed 5 days of it my pharmacy keeps saying they’ll deliver rx today or tomorrow & it’s 8 days late. I am there with you in the depression. Just remember you’re not alone
Posted by Wired1988 on Feb 09, 2014 at 5:15pm

Do you take any anti-depressants?  I have taken Wellbutrin and Lexapro for sometime and it does help.  Mental Illness is in my family (my daughter is Bipolar… were several of my mother’s siblings….it skips a generation).

Focusing is something you will work on constantly.

Posted by Ms Becky on Feb 09, 2014 at 10:35pm -


Dianne in the Desert
You may need to find a “tool” that will help you to remember details.

I use tools.  I have a smartphone, which is a wonderful help.  I also use a planner so that things are written in one place that I can refer to when I need/want to.

I use planner software on my computer so that I can print out my pages with the detailed information already typed in and still have room to write down additional items when necessary.

Appointments get entered to the computer and my cell phone.  The last thing I do before going to bed at night is check my calendar on the computer and print out the needed pages.  In short, I make an appointment with myself to get the stuff done that I need to live a halfway organized life.

Do not let the depression or ADD define who you are.  You can do a lot to help yourself.  Expect to fall off your path a few times while you are getting used to doing these things and forming a new positive habit.

The trick is in not giving up on you or your efforts to live well with ADD and depression.  I have been doing this for over 40 years.  It works!  It just takes time and effort on your part.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Feb 09, 2014

Posted by adhdmomma on Feb 10, 2014 at 11:30pm

Great Advice Diane in the Desert!!! In this day and age of technology…or even having alarms on our cell makes keeping oneself organized so much easier.

Posted by lealor on Feb 22, 2014 at 11:18am

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