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i need a doctor who understands me!!!help

Hello new here..22 yr old female. I was diagnosed with adhd as a kid but never ever took medication for it ..parents didn’t believe it.

Well now that I am an adult I see it truly effects my everyday life so I’ve bee seeking treatment. I found a locaol physiology & physciatry center that takes my insurance.  They ‘re diagnosed me with ADD.

So I met with one of the nurse practitioners who will be prescribing medication to me. This woman couldn’t have been but 5 years older than me!

I explained my situation .. and I’m actually brought to tears while describing how hard daily tasks are and how I am afraid I am going to lose my job. Well she really brushes me off and doesn’t even look at me while I talk! So she says well let’s try welbutrin it can help with add symptoms. I said no I’d rather not my neurologist had me on it about a year ago for a few months and it cause bad headaches all day. She said well it’s worth a try maybe it’s different now. I said I guess I’ll try again.

Three days later . Worst headache ever that put me out for hours! So I call the office and ask what I should do. They said take Tylenol..(this really frustrated me) I said obviously I tried that . It didn’t work that’s why I am calling. I said if I didn’t take this medicine in the past I would try to fight thru the headaches but I know they won’t go away unless I stop this drug.

So I stop taking it after a few days. Then I call and say I need an appointment because obviously I can’t take the medicine she prescribed and I need something else .well they don’t book me for another month,!!

So I called a few days later because I was so upset that day and was hoping just maybe they had a cancellation or could help me out some how. They made me see the nurse for vitals and tests a couple days later. I go and do that and everything is very good.

2 weeks later I go back to see the nurse practitioner who gave me welbutrin. She’s like the only thing I can do is try strattera..and I said I am a little afraid of this drug because of what I read and heard of it. She said well you worry me because you called every day asking for stimulants. I said umm what? No I didn’t I was just trying to get an appointment with you..not once did I say the word stimulant..I never even brought it up? I’ve never taken that before or anything. I was very confused as to why she said this?

Anyways I’m stuck with this drug I’m afraid to take and in stuck with this uneducated “doctor”. She knows NOTHING. she didn’t even reassure me about straterra.just wrote the scprit and sent me on my way.

What should I do at this point!?!?!?! In suffering :(


You could connect with CHADD in Cleveland
and ask then to help you find someone who is experienced with treating ADHD.
The folks at CHADD will understand.

Posted by John Tucker, PhD, ACG. ADHD Coach on May 13, 2014 at 3:15pm

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!  I get stimulants okay but I don’t feel like my doctor truly understands ADHD.  Does anyone know of an ADHD specialist in the Rochester, NY area?

Posted by SuzieSubie on May 13, 2014 at 4:03pm

I wouldn’t be too hard on NP’s even though this one is a jerk. It sounds more like a problem with the entire group. Does your area have a state/county mental health clinic? A surprising number of areas have some form of govt. mental health clinics including ADD. It may be more towards counseling but can often be a resource to the local practitioners who are more experienced.

But it was my PCP advanced nurse practitioner who dx’d me. After 3 shrinks and multiple counselors all thought I had anxiety and/or depression. I’m low to mid grade symptoms and the novelty of appointments helped me focus there, age—meme still was I was too old for ADD and basically lack of enough evaluation. The meds that helped me most all had some norepinephrine effect rather than simply serotonin. But the 3 shrinks willing to give me benzos which can cause seizures if you take too many too long or antidepressants with bad side effects would have been aghast at suggesting a stimulant.
She herself has ADD and wasn’t dx’d until almost 30. So understanding it from the inside out is a boon. She had suggested to me that I try a stimulant almost 2 years before but I had some concerns about a stimulant overtaxing my body as I was still recovering from long term stress. In hindsight, bad choice. The adderall is taking strain off my adrenals because I don’t have to run on adrenaline.

But that time was well spent in that I did have some other underlying issues that DO affect ADD and may be also worth checking out.

Diet, I mean get the crap out, eat real food that your grandma or great grandma would recognize. get the soft drinks, energy drinks, transfats and artificial flavors out. But as much or perhaps more than that, making sure you have food that keeps blood sugar stable, enough protein and fish oils, enough B vitamins and other vitamins, minerals. A good multivitamin isn’t going to be 1 pill, but a packet type with several pills, gel caps.

And also food and chemical sensitivities. Not allergies but more of a toxic reaction as your body can’t remove them well. I react to tomatoes and potatoes and also avoid aspirin. The same class of chemicals, called salicylates. Includes mint, wintergreen and more. Basically I go green and avoid stinky perfumed soap, shampoo, detergent and such. Toxins do not help brain function.

I did try the all the non med interventions I could find such as amino acid precursors like tyrosine. Helped a bit but not enough. Might be worth a try. check a book and website called the mood cure. and for the amino acids at a better price.

Exercise is Vit. E for ADD but we can’t always get it. The stress of my husband’s violent death made enough regular exercise for me impossible for a while. Adrenals couldn’t take it. Injuries, time, illness, sometimes lack of access to anything but trying to do calisthenics at home—boring! is a factor due to weather. But it helps a lot to bring blood to the brain and help with neurotransmitter production and uptake.

Hormones can be a big deal. I almost never got PMS once past the first year or so of puberty up until menopause started. But menopause whacked me hard. Balancing my hormones with bioidentical topical hormones helps immensely. Both the bioidentical and topical are critical. Mare piss premarin and even bioidentical in a pill do not work the same way and have the safety factor. If your symptoms get worse at some stages of your cycle, try finding someone who uses the bioidenticals. check with a compounding pharmacy to see if you can find out who does.

Thryoid and adrenal hormones. check thyroid T3 levels, not the usual crap too many docs still use. Low normal is not optimal. My PCP also caught my low normal thyroid. Optimal thyroid is much better. Adrenals. cortisol levels. both high and low cortisol make me feel bad. low is worse as I get allergy or mast cell reactions that can make my blood pressure very low, not enough blood to the brain and histamine release makes me get stupid as well as having a runny nose and watery eyes.

Before agreeing to try meds, I did quite a bit of reading on long term use of stimulants. Most of the ‘problems’ appeared to be media hype, the data from hard core medical sources indicated that overall the benefits for safety such as driving, other accidents, reduced smoking drinking, etc. balanced any direct negative of the meds. That made me feel better. the stims, and strattera are the major treatments with wellbutrin and possible some combo of stim and antidepressant needed for some and all the reading indicated that finding an effective med, form—short or extended release, generic vs name brand, dose, timing, is all try one, see what happens, fiddle with the dose, timing, see what happens and keep going.

I am familiar enough with monitoring myself and I have a sweetheart who is a great observer. His feedback is very helpful but my own self monitoring is critical.

You need a doctor who will listen. It helps doctors believe you if you can make notes on any benefit as well as side effect and how soon these occur after dosing. Does it take a few days to build up? right away, how long lasting?

Docs do get watched for the stims more than the others. This is starting to change a bit. But bottom line is there are not that many choices for a doc to start with. There isn’t any way to predict what will work. You may be better off with a good PCP who listens, believes you so make yourself believable, and will help you tweak your meds. this does mean probably at least once every 2 weeks for a while, maybe just with a phone check that things are going ok or should I go up in dose? but any psychiatric practice NOT checking with you for a month sounds like one to fire.

Good luck.

Posted by Gadfly on May 13, 2014 at 5:43pm

I don’t have any personal knowledge, but for the person in Rochester NY - maybe this therapist’s office could give you the name of a medical provider who could help you.

Posted by Juggler on May 14, 2014 at 3:48am

OMG JUGGLER THANK YOU!!!! This happens to be located in the same office park as my PCP!!!!

Posted by SuzieSubie on May 14, 2014 at 8:31pm

I can understand how frustrated you are. When I first was diagnosed with ADD, I had no problems with a doc prescribing Adderrall, which was highly effective for me. I switched doctors when I moved to another state and that provider was fine, but I stopped going to them when they were not listening to all my issues on Celexa (I am no longer on this).

So I tried a new doctor and because she was in residency and not entirely comfortable with diagnosing, she referred me to a psych who I did not like at all. I had been on 10mg of Adderrall 2x daily for a few years—which is a pretty low dose—and it clearly had no long term side effects for me; it even made my blood pressure LOWER (probably because it helped me focus). She acted like I was just coming in to get a stimulant, and said that she really wanted me to take Wellbutrin. I had actually looked into it for depression and I was really not interested. What’s funny is that even though Wellbutrin is not a controlled substance, it’s still used as “poor man’s cocaine” and some people shoot it up! It had the same potential side effect profile as Adderrall, none of which I was experiencing with Adderall, but far fewer potential benefits as it’s been proven to be much less effective for ADHD anyways. I started collecting my own research to prove my point, but as it turned out, my regular doctor had no problem continuing on the plan I’d been on before.

It is indeed VERY difficult to find the right practitioner and treatment for ADHD. I am so sorry you are suffering. The CHADD recommendation was wonderful; if you are able to see a psychiatrist, that would be at least better than the NP. I also highly recommend learning as much as you can about ADHD so that you can better manage it and understand how your own brain works. “Driven to Distraction” and “Delivered from Distraction” are both great, I listened to them both on audiobook while doing other stuff. “ADD-Friendly ways to organize your life” was also a great book. Honestly, while medication gave me some immediate progress, these books helped with the longer term issues (depression and anxiety from not being able to get things done). They were very helpful.

Posted by monkeydriven on May 16, 2014 at 7:00pm

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