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ADHD in Women

newly diagnosed

I am 75 yrs old and was diagnosed a year ago.  The therapist I have been going to for Anxiety did not tell me because of health issues I cannot tame meds. Sbe was right it caused more anxiety.  However it is good because   I can help myself by reading books to help me make some changes with myself.  My husband doesn’t want to know a ything about ADD because we have been married 55 years.  He has bad tbe patience of a saint thru the years but I need his support to help us live our last years peacefully.  I thought this support group will help me so I don’t have to bring this up with him.  It always causes stress.  It is so frustrating to find this out after living most of my life.  I retjred on disabity for stress and it was really because of ADD.  I am young looking and young at heart.  Lots of energy not ready to say I don’t care.


Glad you are here for support.  We all “get it”. Do lots of reading if you can.  The following are some of the books that gave me clarity in my first 58 years on the planet..  I was diagnosed late in life as well..

Ned Hallowell MD
Driven to Distraction
Driven From Distraction

Sari Solden.
Women with ADD

Welcome to the adventure.

Posted by jetergirl on Aug 09, 2014 at 2:38pm

Hi Joyce Carol! Welcome! I will be 50 next month and was diagnosed about a month ago. I have a clinical background as a mental health therapist (oh the irony) and had finally diagnosed myself, so I was not surprised to have the diagnosis confirmed. Part of me is hugely relieved because it explains my whole life and the other part of me is mourning those lost years. I have anxiety too, along with depression, and am trying to find medication that will work for me, as well as learning everything I can about this condition and new behaviors that I hope will help. It is a daunting road and I am still trying to find a mental/emotional balance; I know a positive attitude is very important. I applaud your desire to learn about it, too, and make your life better now. No matter our ages, people diagnosed late in life understand the struggles we’ve all faced over the years, so know that support is out there and that it is crucial to getting better. The books are very important, but they don’t take the place of being able to talk to people about it who understand. Reach out when you need to. We’re here. smile

Posted by Laura50 on Aug 09, 2014 at 5:48pm

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