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respect in the workplace

Hello I am just coming to terms with the real me…I didnt want to be labeled…but its obviously the whole office knows Im “special”. It s been 8 yrs and this site has given me awesome tips to talk to my supervisor…. thank you


I’m glad things are different now than when I was working full time.  It actually helps to tell them nowadays!  If they give you any trouble, go to HR and tell them about the ADHD.  They will work with your doctor to get accommodations for your position.  They’ve been very helpful at my company.

Best of luck to you!

Posted by Missed That on Apr 14, 2014 at 10:02pm

How do you get work to understand? I lost a position I’d held for over eight years, last spring, in part due to tardiness, time management issues. And they’d known about my diagnosis and informally made some accommodations, but then dropped them all without warning. Then after they let me go, they denied me unemployment on top of it all.
I work in health care an the trend now for Electronic Medial Records (EMR)documentation, is kicking my butt! I have worked three positions & gone from a PC, to a laptop, to now everything on a Samsung Tablet and it’s just completely putting me over the edge!
I am too old for this stuff, as I never did anything on a computer for work until the 2000s.
I did a 13 week temp/contract placement this winter and the feedback was that I was a great clinician, but a little slow with the documentation. Truth be told, I had gotten a lot faster and efficient by the end, but by then they didn’t want me any more.
My anxiety level is through the roof with the new 13 week placement, to the point where I don’t know if I will be able to do the job properly.
Last week was my first on my own doing the home health therapy, after a week shadowing another clinician, & I got so confused. It seemed that everything I didn’t know, or hadn’t been shown how to do or address kept coming up and I finished the week a total basket case
I feel affecting my overall health & am really wondering if I can continue to work in healthcare, but don’t want to ‘flush’ the 27 years experience and Master’s degree down the toilet. Have kids in college & can’t afford to work a minimum wage job!
Resources or suggestions?

Posted by Speechie1962 on Apr 14, 2014 at 11:59pm

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