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Gifted ADHD Children

sensory overload

I have a daughter in 6 grade who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD in second grade. She is super bright. I live in a great area and the school has always given me everything i need for her. I just had her CSE meeting and it was at least an hour of discussing what can we do with her.
She has numerous sensory problems. She does not like the school lunch room so she eats in the guidence office. And she gets adaptive gym. Where she plays the Wii. The reguar gym class has two to three classes at a time in there. Way to much going on for her to deal with.Does anyone else have experience with sensory issues? She takes medication for her ADD and does not eat to much junk. Or chemically processed foods.


My daughter (also 6th grade) gets easily overwhelmed in loud/crowded areas as well. We do not have a formal IEP for her, but her schools have worked with us fairly well. The lunchroom & gym haven’t been major issues for her, but she doesn’t actually “eat” lunch & can leave the lunchroom whenever she feels like it - she just goes in there to sit with her friends. You might try earplugs for the noisy situations. There are a lot of options that are relatively inconspicuous - the disposable foam ones can be used several times before they need to be thrown away and if she looses them it’s no big deal.

Posted by Sherra on Apr 18, 2013 at 9:48pm

Have you tried occupational therapy to help with her Sesory Processing Disorder (SPD)?  Eliminating gluten, dairy and sugar can also calm her nervous system.  When you eat things you are allergic or sensitive too it increases your heart rate, which makes you more hyper and can cause more anxiety.

Posted by NaturalMom on Apr 19, 2013 at 2:36am

My son is in the 5th grade, he easily overwhelmed in loud noise including the classroom, lunchroom and gym.  He eats with the social worker or assistant principal during his lunch time.

Posted by sdelaine on Apr 20, 2013 at 8:10pm

Would the CSE meeting be similar to a 504 or IEP meeting? If so does your school team include an occupational therapist or special education teacher who understands sensory issues in the school environment?

Posted by cowboy on Apr 21, 2013 at 4:57am

This is an interesting site; someone who attributes his family’s noise sensitivities from time to time (which I have had over my lifetime - not all the time) to magnesium deficiency.  I loaded up on magnesium when I brought my 2nd baby home and the preschooler’s
high pitched little voice was just making my skin crawl!  It worked.

Posted by Katherine85 on Apr 21, 2013 at 10:52pm

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