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ADHD and Sports

sports and booster meds…to give or not to give ...

Our 8 year old son takes adderalXR 35 mg that lasts about 9 hours. We regularly give him 3.75 mg of dex to boost him for evening soccer, developmental league, U9’s. it helps him to focus, so good for practice and drills but takes away some of his spontaneous reaction and aggressiveness. What have people’ s experience been in withholding booster for games?


I have noticed the same thing with my nine year old in soccer.  We have to give him his afternoon dose or he creates total chaos with warm-ups and chews his collar and can’t understand why his team mates are getting annoyed with him; but on the field in the game, he’s very engaged and makes great plays.  He goes for the ball and gets it forward to his team mate no matter how difficult the opposition.  With the medicine, he gets along, listens, follows the drills just how the coach wants, but in the game, he hesitates and seems to overthink every move.  And he gets really down on himself for any tiny mistake, which he could care less about without the booster dose.  We aren’t sure what the right answer is either.

Posted by mama2004 on Jul 15, 2014 at 1:44am

Wondering the same, but for wrestling. Take him off meds so he’s energetic and aggressive? Or give him meds so he’s focused and thoughtful?

Posted by Alwaysstriving on Dec 17, 2014 at 7:17pm

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