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Gifted ADHD Children

suspect my ADHD son is gifted or something?

Hi :

My son is 7 and has ADHD.  I also suspect he is gifted.  He mastered all alphabet and sounds at age 3 and 2 digit number at 3 1/2 without any help from school or home.  He always like the subjects that more advanced like Elements, presidents..etc.

I always worry that his ADHD may covered his gifted. Worry that his teacher/school may not treat him fair.  Worry that I don’t do enough to support his gift.  Any suggestion what should I do?  Should I get him test?  What test should I get for him?


Go with your gut instinct. Many ADHD kids are (2E, twice exceptional), have ADHD with giftedness. A Psycho-Ed evaluation is the best way to get a full scale IQ measurement. I would try and find a psychologist however that understands giftedness. In the meantime Dr. Edward Amend’s website will be of help and the book: Misdiagnosis, Dual Diagnosis by Webb and Amend. Hoagie’s Gifted website is also full of great resources. The more you read about it, the more that will resonate with you and most likely confirm what you already believe.

Posted by LKOC on May 15, 2014 at 10:32pm

My son is gifted and has adhd. In 3 grade he was tested by his teacher’s recommendation and passed. He went into a school for gifted kids in our school district. A bus picked him up and brought him home each day. The school district wants gifted kids, they get more money from the state. Anyways, he’s in high school now and has a 4.0 grade avg. You can have your son tested but the teacher should also concur with you. You can have him retested each year but he might not pass. My son scored 100% on math and science and 80% on reading/writing. He’s in 9th grade and is in classes with 12th graders since high school doesn’t have a gifted school just AP/honor classes. Just to add this…our school does the gifted test in the fall.early winter for the following year enrollment. Ask your school about the next test for him to take in the fall. A lot of parents think their kids are gifted but the test will tell the truth. BTW, the school has this test, not a private psychologist. Call your school district office and ask them more about the gifted test and when it’s given. Parent and/or teachers can have their kids tested. Good luck

Posted by Pink ginger on May 16, 2014 at 1:24am

You’ll find some great info about evaluations, assessments and testing from Wrightslaw. It’s a good place to start your investigation.

Posted by cowboy on May 16, 2014 at 2:16am

I agree with LKOC.  I think you may also want to read the book 5 Levels of Gifted, School Issues and Educational Options by Dr. Deborah L. Ruf.

Watch to see if your son is bored or if his behavior changes.  Act if you see that.. Definitely see if he qualifies for your district’s gifted program, if they have one.  My son told us that of all the decisions we made for him, getting him into the excel program was the best one.  Gifted kids have a social need to interact with people of their own intellectual ability. 

Look for things he’s interested in.  Don’t push him too fast.  Let him be a kid.  My son is 21 and majoring in mechanical engineering.  But he had no idea he was interested in ME until he joined the high school robotics team in his junior year.  On the other hand, if your son likes the idea, start a robotics team.  Look at the website  The Jr. FLL section is for 6 - 9 year olds.  FIRST goes up through high school.

FIRST is a great organization.  This is from their website:  Our mission is to show students of every age that science, technology, and problem-solving are not only fun and rewarding, but are proven paths to successful careers and a bright future for us all.

You’re on an amazing interesting journey.  There are very few right and wrong answers or decisions.  You’ll make some decisions you wish you could change, but that is part of parenting.  Keep reading and educating yourself, and most of all, enjoy your son.  They really do grow up very fast.

Posted by whizinc on May 16, 2014 at 9:28am

It’s often tough advocating for a twice-exceptional child. Teachers see how smart they are and somehow think that should override and disabilities—but it doesn’t. My son is gifted but also has ADHD and dysgraphia. He’s in 5th grade and is part of a weekly pullout group for gifted instruction. It’s by far his favorite part of school. He loves being challenged and thinking outside the box. He loves that he’s not forced to formulate an answer in a specific manner during gifted. His participation reminds him that he may struggle immensely in the classroom, but he is not stupid.

I agree with earlier comments to find something he’s really interested in and run with it. Nurture that interest as much as possible. 

ADDconnect Moderator & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on May 16, 2014 at 4:07pm

Hi all :  thanks for advice.  I will check out Dr. Edward Amend’s website and Dr. Deborah L. Ruf book.  About the school district.  I double they get more funding if more gifted kids.  I am in CA.  There is only 1 gifted class ( around 25 kids ) for all the elementary kids in 4th and 5th grade only.  We are talking only top 5% is in the program after some sort of testing.  if there is funding for gifted, this program should expend. 

His teacher told me he is “really” smart.  I really need to “do something” to protect my son so he will not be treated unfair.

thanks for all your advices

Posted by Louisa_Leo on May 17, 2014 at 9:33am

I am a mother of a young man whose 2e and have found my experience both overwhelming and joyful.  I hope you are in a good school district because small town rural isn’t the place to be with this child.  Get him tested at once for both ADHD and Giftedness.  Read all you can about 2e kids and ADHD, knowledge is very important!  Know your rights and don’t let school personal walk all over you.  Bring a advocate to your IEP’s!!! Most of my learning came too late and my child suffered for it. 

CHADD is a great resource as well as NAMI.  Become a member.  CHADD also has medication cost reduction help if needed and you are a member.  The problem for ADHD kids and the classroom is organization this is their Achilles heal, turning in papers.  It has nothing to do with their intelligence and hinders their grades greatly.  As kids get older they want to spread their wings do things their selves need to learn how to be a coach and not a nag.  I hope this helps…

Posted by dmueller74 on May 19, 2014 at 2:22am

There are some great articles on giftedness and ADHD over on as well:
And, there’s a blog on Twice Exceptional as well:

ADDconnect Moderator & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on May 19, 2014 at 5:03pm

Of course the school district gets more money for gifted and special needs kids. I’m in washington state (left CA myself because of the horrible schools there). They have to have more school buses to pick up these gifted kids and take them to there school for gifted kids. I went through this myself when my son was 11. I never read a book about gifted kids and the school didn’t know he has adhd either. it wasn’t their business. We didn’t want him to be labeled as such only that he was smart and bright. The school has a aspire test they give the kids and if they pass, they can go into the gifted program. You don’t need to read a bunch of books. We went to a mtg for the aspire program and the parents there has a glazed over look in their eyes that their “Stevey” would be the next Steve Jobs. If your kid is really gifted the school will pick up on it and ask the office to get him tested. The district has a test for this. Let me say this, the work load is tremendous, tons of homework each night and the peers in the school are very arrogant. It was a nightmare having him in this gifted school. I’m glad he’s out now and in high school taking honor/AP classes. Our high school doesn’t have a gifted program just honor/ap classes. He’s in 9 th grade and does 12 grade level classes. Again, you don’t need to read all these books, if your kid is gifted, he will shine on his own.

Posted by Pink ginger on May 19, 2014 at 5:23pm

I disagree with Pink Ginger; however, my child who is Gifted/ADHD also has a learning disability that of dysgraphia so my experience may be different than yours.  Waiting for school personnel to figure out what you already know is counterproductive.  The child and his needs come first.  School systems have way too many children’s needs to attend to and since your child may be gifted, he’ll not be noticed right away, and it may take years depending on school district to get it together.

Knowledge is your friend and knowing what your entitled to helps.  Get him tested for both ADHD & Giftedness (a lot of times a learning disability is in there too) and learn the the tools to help him succeed.  I learned about assistant technology way too late and my child suffered for it.  Also, I learned about ADHD coaching way too late, by then my child wouldn’t hear me out and didn’t want to change because of all the negative responses he’d received all his life. If you do have an IEP meeting take an advocate with you.  I didn’t and the school personnel made me feel like an idiot, so therefore, I lost it and cried!  I felt like they were ganging up on me and nobody should feel that way!!!  School districts don’t have a lot of money in my state; therefore, these kids get overlooked.  My school system cut the gifted program right after school announced cuts.  You have to be the advocate for your child don’t wait until it’s too late.

Posted by dmueller74 on May 19, 2014 at 6:25pm

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