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Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Adults)

why do doctors treat most patients like drug seekers?

Hi 22 yr old female recently diagnosed.

I am seeing a nurse practioner of a physciatrist.
She seems to be new she can’t be older than 30.

First she starts me on Welbutrin which I took in the past and got terrible headaches from it…but she insisted.

3 days after taking it again the headaches return.
I call the office tell them my situation. They just tell me to stop taking it.

So now Im not taking any meds to help this add which affects my job tremendously..

So I call the office and say I want to come in and maybe start a different medication because at that moment they weren’t treating me.

Well they say they can’t a few weeks

I started to feel helpless and unimportant to them. I call again to see if there’s any cancellations or if there’s any way they can help me sooner.

So I go see the nurse to talk about coping skills and blah blah blah..they have me do a drug screen test and test my thyroid..I’m assuming they did this in case they want to give me stimulants ..which I’ve never taken before and didn’t know much about.

Two weeks later I see the nurse practitioner again.she tells me my results came back normal. I don’t do drugs and my thyroid was good.

Then she says u worry Me because u called so much asking for stimulants..I never ever ever asked for stimulants I just simply was asking for treatment…

She then says all I can prescribe u is strattera. Then she’s says your main problem is multi tasking??

This woman is ignorant and tried to tell me things that were UN true. Why would she do this?

I’m just very confused. Well I no longer will be seeing her I made an appointment with my family doctor for help..

Has anyone experienced something similar ??

Will she tell me family doctor not to help me because SHE thinks I just want some type of drug ??


Last year I went to get tested because I aways felt like I had ADHD but put it off for too many years as I am getting older it is getting worse.(47 years old).  The quack I went to was certified to give me a test.  He told me I had anxiety issues and told me to go to a therapist. 
So I found one, out of 6 schedule visit I only saw her two times.  She said I did not need to see her.  The two times I went I said I really think I have ADHD. 
She sent me to a nurse practioner of a physciatrist.  After 10 min. of seeing her, she says you are Bipolar type two. I was questioning her.  I do not have extreme mood swings.  I am just a little down but not totally depressed and not suicidal.  She said you have probably tried almost all of the antidepressants haven’t you.  I said yes. She said so you are Bipolar type 2 and put me on lamtical (seizer meds that also works for bipolar).  I took the prescription.  I told her I really don’t like taking meds and that I think I am ADHD.  After 20 visits which she did not have my folder most of the time, and told her over and over. I think I am ADHD.  She finally checked my chart and said well you were never tested for ADHD and schedule me to get tested.  I finally got my answer in February.  I had done research and found out that bipolar and ADHD look similar in some things.  So I asked her if she would take me off the meds.  Her reply is are they helping?  I said I don’t know I do not feel too much different.  Her reply was “Well we might have to up it later”.  Here is your prescription for concerta and Lamtical.  She didn’t even have my folder so she did not even know exactly what kind of ADHD I had.  Each time I saw her she did not have my chart.  The last visit for my ADHD med visit she did have my chart.  I told her I thought I was getting more focus and I think this is the right dose.  Well lets up them again.  I told her I really need coaching to help me learn how to do thing in a ADHD way.  She told me will that is not what I do.  I need to see someone else besides her. So in the meantime this new dose is not helping, but making me worse. I really do not want to go back to her, but one of my meds need to be slowly weaned off and I am sure she would not help me.  It is really getting frustrating.  I am mad at myself and her.  I know in my heart that I do not need all these meds, but I still take them.  She will not even listen to me.  I want to change dr. but do not want to go through all of this a third time.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you can find someone who will listen to you.

Posted by dmtaylor89 on May 17, 2014 at 8:12pm

Another opinion will never hurt!  We all look at the same thing differently, which is good.  That is why doctors consult other specialties when a patient is in the hospital. 

For years, I went to a primary care doctor for depression.  Over time, it seemed I needed more.  After 2 psychiatrists, in private practice, I found my current doctor whom I have gone to for the past 10 years.  It sometimes takes time to get to a good place.  My psychiatrist is affiliated with a hospital & counselors.  My husband loves the fact that my counselor easily will consult with my doctor, if needed.  Off and on I have went to counseling.  I have went through the DBT course, at the hospital, which has helped. 

About a month ago, my doctor recommended I follow up with a counselor, specifically DBT, at their office.  BOTH the counselor & psychiatrist are in tune with my symptoms based on their documentation.  This has helped medicate me appropriately. 

Sometimes it takes time to find a match. Good luck!

Posted by Jodie twin on May 22, 2014 at 4:25am

Well I found someone who seems to get me. Same company but different doctor at the other location which also helps cause its closer. She gave me adderall 10mg hope it helps

Posted by lillybell416 on May 22, 2014 at 4:37am

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